Long-Form, Data-Driven Content For B2B Ecommerce SaaS Businesses

Writers write. Marketers market.

I do both.

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Establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

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Improve your lead generation and conversion rates.

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Boost your revenue and achieve consistent growth.

You Need a Killer Writer

You need someone who can absorb extremely complex topics and break them down into simple steps.

Someone who can leverage proven psychological triggers to emotionally bond with your prospects.

Someone who can create compelling content that hooks your readers in and keeps them coming back for more.

You Need a Marketing Machine

You need someone who truly understands digital marketing.

Someone who’s always up-to-date on the rapid developments in ecommerce, SEO, and content marketing.

Someone who’s fought in the trenches and understands the complex techniques needed for business success today.

CAN I MARKET? Let's Talk Numbers

I’ve used my killer marketing know-how to...

  • Grow an online community of 100,000+ peoplewithout a single cent spent on ads.

  • Launch and grow another community to 50K+ people and 2.5M+ video views in six monthswithout a single cent spent on ads.

  • Take a derelict email list and nourish it to achieve an open rate 10% higher than the industry averagein an extremely competitive niche.

  • Sell over 100,000 digital products as a freelancer… without a single cent spent on ads.

  • And, even though I’m not famous, there are 4,000 people in the world with my name on their t-shirt. No joke.

Do my Articles get traffic?

Here's an this article I wrote for Oberlo:

Oberlo Article

I optimized it for the keyword, "Instagram Story Dimensions."

Now, look what happens when you type that into Google:

SEO Optimized Articles

Bottom line:

My articles pour hundreds of thousands of organic page views into websites like the Niagara Falls.


Mark Hayes | Director of Communications, Shopify

​​​​"Incredible work. I am truly impressed."

Incredible work. I am truly impressed.  I ran Tom's piece by our content marketing team … Everyone had positive feedback about both the educational value provided, and the style in which he writes.

Mark HayesDirector of Communications, Shopify

Zoë Björnson | Product Marketer, About.Me

"Delivered a valuable return on investment very quickly."

Tom has a talent for being able to quickly learn about a subject or concept, and create engaging content that readers will find thought-provoking and want to share with their network.

The website content he’s written for our clients’ sites has performed very positively for our SEO campaigns and delivered us a valuable return on investment very quickly.

Blair Geddes | Founder and CEO, Primal Space

Zoë Björnson | Product Marketer, About.Me

"Extremely talented writer. Great to work with."

Tom is an extremely talented writer and really great to work with.

He created unique content for about.me that totally resonated with our audience, yet had his casual and inviting voice.

He marries his life and work experiences to produce really intriguing content.

Zoë Björnson | Product Marketer, About.Me


  • Brainstorming
  • Keyword strategy
  • Heavily researched, data-driven content
  • Lively, engaging copy
  • Killer headlines
  • SEO optimization
  • Tons of images
  • Great sharing potential
  • A focus on evergreen value
  • Editing by a professional editor
  • WordPress formatting
  • On time delivery. (I'm never late. Ever.)

Starting from

Per article.

The Catch


Fair warning: I only have enough room to take on one more regular client.

And I’m very selective.

Like you, I only want to work with the highest achievers. And even then, only those I’d want to grab lunch with outside of work.

Also, one-off jobs are productivity killers. It takes time for me to really get to know your voice, product and target market.

So, please only get in touch if your eyes are wide open to a minimum of $2K per month.

If that sounds like you, then I’ve got killer content with your name on it.

How to Get Started

I work with clients on an ongoing basis (e.g. X articles per month).

But here's how you can test the waters before committing:

  1. Get in touch below.
  2. I’ll respond within 12 - 24 Hours.
  3. We’ll talk shop and find out if we’re a good fit.
  4. If we are, I’ll write a test article for you.
  5. You don’t pay for it unless you love it and want to use it.
  6. We’ll begin our long and fruitful relationship together!

Get In Touch

Send an email about your project to hi@tomjlaw.com, and I’ll get back to you within 12-24 hours!

(Note: Please don't email me about backlinks or content updates to articles that are already published. I don't have control over published articles and you'll need to contact the publisher or marketing manager of the blog itself.)

Let's do something awesome together

Tom Joseph Law © 2018

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